Larry Olmstead

Senior VP | Business Development

Olmstead started his industry career at the age of sixteen with his very first job as an usher in a movie theater in Chicago. He knew early on he wanted to learn all aspects of how movies were made and had an even stronger desire to be part of the financial end of the industry, the profit sector.

Two years later he moved to North Hollywood, CA. and immediately embarked on his journey that led him to Unified Pictures. Larry became employed by United Artist Theaters and quickly worked his way up from being an Usher, through the concessions and on his way to become a projectionist and eventually a theater Manager all by the time he was eighteen. He was the youngest theater manager in the chain at that time.

Larry brings a vast array of talents and experience to the team at Unified Pictures. For over twenty years Larry has been a consultant to major motion picture studios and the entertainment industry as a whole.

His relationships with such industry powerhouses as Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Disney, Viacom, Buena Vista and many other production companies both on the east and west coast has aided in the securing of funding of many of our films.

Larry’s background comes in the form of research and targeting markets and people that can contribute to the overall financial strength of any project from beginning to end.