Creative Director | Marketing

Shaun Clapham comes to a very comprehensive group as a Certified Web Designer/IT with an educational and practical background in computer design. Clapham spearheads all creative design for Unified’s marketing and packaging needs for upcoming films, web design, posters, and film review.

His contribution to the expansion of the company is establishing solid relationships with distribution, clients, and investors. In addition to his charge as Creative Director, he has played an integral role in financial management, planning, forecasting and development. Clapham is the liaison to Executives and CEOs continuing the implementation of cutting-edge technology, providing Unified a distinct advantage in the market share.

His initiation into the entertainment industry began with his work in independent horror films which subsequently led him to work with the Cimarron Group in West Hollywood. With recognition for his designs he built a clientele based in the entertainment field. He caught the eye of Founder/Owner Keith Kjarval who recruited him for Unified Pictures. His expertise and wealth of knowledge about film, filmmakers and talent has proved invaluable in solidifying talent and product relationships. He provides valuable creative input into all projects being considered for Unified.

“Starting a project from nothing and working to make it something, seeing the film process is exciting,” states Clapham, “I like working under pressure to create something from nothing.”