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Nurturing his passion for film making super 8 movies during his childhood, Tim Montijo brings Unified Pictures its most diversified artist and certainly one of the most productive. The days of making films as a child, was the trajectory Montijo advanced to the roles of animator, producer, visual effects supervisor, director, composer and executive for various film and television projects. His range is so broad that he was invited to teach Visual Effect and Animation for UCLA’s Entertainment Studies Program. After co founding the successful digital effects firm Electro Age in 2001, Tim Co-founded Unified Pictures in 2004.

Prior to launching Electro Age, Montijo served tenure at 2 of the most prolific companies, Blur and Rezn8, orchestrating visual effect for multiple television, film, special venue, and video games. In 2000, Montijo earned one of the most prestigious of entertainment award, the EMMY for his work on the Super Bowl XXXIV. Catching the attention of the entire entertainment industry provided the rostrum for founding Electro Age. He has provided his expertise to major entertainment companies including Disney, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, Warner Brothers, IMAX, Discovery Channel, Universal, Hanna Barbara, Lions Gate Films a stunning dossier for any professional. Montijo’s driving force results in assisting Electro Age in specializing in award winning cost-effective visual effects provided for several notable films, television and commercial projects.

As Founder, he fills the roles of producer, animator, and animation supervisor bringing ElectroAge a stage to showcase their stunning visuals for feature shorts, and several spots for Motorola. “I cherish getting the chance to use my diverse skills to help support storytellers. I could not imagine doing anything else. In addition to providing award-winning animation as a computer animator, Montijo recently added the title of composer to his diverse artistic talents. A lifelong musician, he taught himself to compose film music which he recently provided for several feature film and television projects. Montijo states, “I am in this business because I love the creative process. Each project brings its own set of challenges and hurdles to overcome. I take great pride in helping to shape and set the tone. The biggest payoff for me is to see the audience reaction to the work we have done.”

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